What is an automation engineer?

Why Automation Engg. is one of the best options to start own business ?

Why Automation Engg. is one of the best options to start own business

As explained earlier, Automation Engineering is all about design & troubleshooting of control system of automated machines. As the demand for automated machines/process plants is on rise , number of machine manufacturers is increasing day by day. Many of these machine / process plant manufacturers do have the domain knowledge i.e. they know the process or logic with which the machine / plant should operate . However, they may not have the knowledge of automation technologies, with which the logic can be implemented .
So such manufacturers outsource the design & manufacturing activity of control system . This practice gives rise to a business model called “ System Integration “ It is all about integrating multiple control system components so as to run a a machine as per the process requirements.
Integration consists of selecting the suitable electrical / pneumatic / hydraulic components , interfacing with each other , designing a suitable enclosure to accommodate all , preparing circuit diagrams & programming of intelligent components .
An automation engineer is able to do this integration activity very well. So, there are system integrators required in each industrialised city. One does not require large space, investment , no. of workmen , costly machinery to start this business. So, it is an ideal proposal for young engineers to start own business.
Howevr to start such business, one need to be an Automation Engineer. In my next article, I have discussed ways to become an Automation Engineer .

By Nilesh Salgaonkar, Founder Director , TAACT