What is an automation engineer?

What is an Automation engineer ?

What is an Automation engineer

As explained in my last article “ What is Automation Engineering ?”, automated machines used in industries generally use same components in the control mechanism, irrespective of the industrial vertical the machine is designed for . However , these components can be from different engineering branches e.g.

01. Hydraulic & pneumatic components from Mechanical engineering.

02. Induction motors . Switchgears from Electrical Engineering .

03. PLCs, Sensors from Electronic engineering

04. Temperature , pressure , flow sensors & controllers from Instrumentation engineering

05. SCADA is a product of computer software technology

Additionally, these products are readymade available at the market with almost similar features even though they are available from different manufacturers .

So, when conrol systems of such machine fail or need to be designed, a conventional electrical / electronic / mechanical engineer cannot complete the job singlehandedly. A group of 3-4 engineers from different engineering branches are needed simultaneously to accomplish the job. This is not only costly but also time consuming. So, now industry looks for an engineer who can single handedly troubleshoot or design control system of an automated machine, irrespective of his / her own engineering branch . Such an Engineer is called an ‘ Automation Engineer “.

We will discuss the reasons behind the great demand for such automation engineers in my next article “Why Automation Engineers are in great demand ?”

By Nilesh Salgaonkar, Founder Director , TAACT