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What does industry expect from fresh engineers ?

What does industry expect from fresh engineers

Any employer primarily looks for :

  • 01. Knowledge
  • 02. Skills
  • 03. Attitude

Industrial employer also expects nothing else .

Knowledge is the concepts, terminologies , their importance & applications . e.g. An electrical engineer should know the concept of breaking capacity of switchgear & it’s importance in the switchboards. An electronics engineers should be aware of the baud rate in communication & it’s importance while establishing communication within two intelligent equipments .

Skills is some process to be followed based on the knowledge .e.g in line with the above mentioned examples : selecting a switchgear is a skill. Establishing a communication between two equipments is a skill.

As skills are normally linked with the prevailing technologies, industry expects the skills related to the technologies in use & not related to outdated technologies & products . e,g. Programming skill of outdated PLC is not accepted by industry.

Attitude is the talent which decides the ability of an individual to work in teams, working under pressures, achieving a goal , sharing , leading etc.

Industry knows very well that it can not expect 100% knowledge & skills from the fresh engg. graduates . However , it wants to ensure that the candidate is able to grasp the knowledge imparted & is sincere enough to work hard . So, normally you face the prequalification criteria of throughout first class.

Industry also expects that the engineer should look at his/her job from a long term perspective. If the engineer leaves the organisation within one or two years, then precious resources spent on the training & development on the engineer go in vain. Industry hires engineers as it sees future leaders in the young engineers .

So, knowing this we will discuss about how to impress the recruiter by attractive & meaningful resumes in my next article : “ How to prepare a resume ?

By Nilesh Salgaonkar , Founder Director , TAACT