What is an automation engineer?

How to select a good training institute for Automation Engg traning

How to select a good training institute for Automation Engg traning

As Automation Engg. is all about industrial application of products . So, It needs to be more of hands on & that too from faculties having industrial experience & exposure . If one selects a training institute only on the cost basis without checking the contents & competencies , there is a risk of not only wasting the hard earned money of parents but also the precious time of your life . So, it is very important to ensure the ability of training institute to deliver the effective training . Following are some of the parameters on which you may evaluate a training institute :

01. Industrial experience of faculty

As automation engineering is all about application of knowledge , it must be taught by an engineer who has applied this knowledge in industrial applications. So, Industrial process knowledge of faculties is a MUST criteria while choosing an institute .

02. Training hours

Because of the hands on nature of the training , the expertise comes only after lots of practice on the technologies. This calls for more no. of training hours. Some institutes mention the training duration of 3 month. When you ask for details, you will come to know that it is 2 hrs per day, i.e. 150 hrs ( considering 5 days a week). So, Always ask for the total training hours. It is estimated that minimum 300hrs are required to understand basics of automation technologies

03. Coverage of technologies

Automation engg. is not only about PLC & SCADA. It is about switchgears, sensors, controllers, motors, pneumatics, hydraulics , VFDs etc. All these components form an automation system. Through PLC & SCADA , we sense signals from sensors & front control components & activate actuators such as motors, Pneumatics & Hydraulics . So, unless one understands these peripheral components & their characteristics , how can one program the PLC. So, it is utmost necessary that the Automation engineering course should have equal weight age to all above mentioned technologies. If not, you will end up being a PLC programmer who know how to program but does not know what to program.

04. Equipments

As the training is all hands on type , it is important that there are sufficient numbers of products available .As the technology & product variants change very fast, it is important to ensure that none of the products & technologies are outdated or absolute. The training systems should allow students to apply their mind , practice the skills ( e.g. wiring ) & should not be a demonstrative type of model.

05. Study books

In today’s world of duplicates , originality & integrity of an institute can be confirmed with the study books of or course material. While selecting an institute , one must ask for the course material . Just by looking at the books, one may find the originality of the contents . If an institute does not have any books to share, it’s ability & approach can be questioned & more in depth analysis is required .

06. Structured courses

Some training institutes do not work with fixed schedule . Some of them start batches as the student count increases. Others do not have batch structure . They even start a batch of a single student as per the convenience of the student . Imagine a situation wherein 10 students of different level of learning are sitting in a same class & being taught by a single teacher. It compromises the effective knowledge transfer to a great extent. So, eventhough one need to wait for few days for a batch to start, it is beneficial . Such unstructured model reflects the culture of the institute & approach towards quality & one should refrain from such institutes.

07. Placement ability

As everyone joins Automation Engg. course for starting the career, the institute must have a separate team for placement management . An able placement team ensures more opportunities of interviews after completion of the course. Always ask for the history of placements. Ask for placement % & not for names of one or two recruiters . One may find an institute offering Job Guarantee after completion of the course. Ensure that you do not get trapped with such promises. It reflects the unethical culture of the institute .Any institute can only co ordinate for the interviews & can not influence the recruiter. The student’s performance during the interview decides the placement.
So, an institute promising jobs, finally shy away from the promises giving many excuses .
I wish you all the best for your career in Automation Engineering

By Nilesh Salgaonkar, Founder Director , TAACT