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How to prepare resume?

How to prepare resume

Resume or bio data is the first, though indirect interaction of the recruiter with you . So, it creates the first impression of you. Due importance needs to be given to this document as it paints a picture of you & your past from all perspectives in front of the selector . It greatly influences short listing from hundreds of candidates .

Following aspects needs to be taken care of while preparing a resume ...

    01. Asthetics / neatness

    02. Objective of the career

    03. Educational qualifications with academic performance

    04. Acquired Skills / strengths

    05. Experience ( If any ) of organisations or project work, internship

    06. Extracurricular activities


As the resume is a kind of picture that portrays you, a shabbily prepared resume conveys that neither you have an ability to prepare a written document nor you have an aesthetic view. It also conveys your careless approach about the overall process. Need not mention that Spelling / grammatical mistakes reduces your short listing possibility to almost zero..

Objective of the career

This one sentence clarifies whether you have clarity about career path & goals. It also conveys that you have your own ideas about your career , you have decided this goal after analysing your interests , quality & opportunities in the field & you can justify the same . So, do not copy career objective of others . Be prepared to justify your objective in a convincing way. It will also create your image as a thinker .

Educational Qualifications

List out educational qualifications with academic records & institutes / university details . Honesty is the key. Do not hide the lost years , less marks etc. It is not true that the academic record is the only criteria , a recruiter looks for. Be prepared to offer honest justification for the less marks , lost year etc....

Acquired Skills

The recruiter knows very well that a qualified person need not have the skills / qualities , he/she is looking for. So, to differentiate from other candidates, you need to mention the specific skills possessed by you. E.g. ability to design a control system for furnaces . Ability to design an electrical power control centre etc. Similarly , if you are aware about your strengths or qualities which may differentiate from others, ( such as very good communication skills, Convincing ability, problem solving ), then mentioning the same will add to the weight age . Please be prepared to prove these skills & qualities during interviews as most of the interviewers will try to confirm these skills during interview .

Extracurricular activities

This needs to be given due importance as this is the main source of the recruiter to guage your soft qualities such as team player , leadership , Physical , mental strength. etc. So, please write in detail about your activities . In short , please be honest while writing the resume . Do not copy others . Be ready to justify the claims made in the resume . Spend sufficient time & thinking while preparing your resume ....... Once your attractive & genuine resume succeeds in attracting the recruiter, the next step is to face interview. You may get some inputs from my next article ,

“ How to prepare a resume ?

By Nilesh Salgaonkar , Founder Director , TAACT