What is an automation engineer?

How to become an Automation Engineer

How to become an Automation Engineer

How much time does it need ?

We can not expect training of automation engg., from universities as this education is all about products & technologies. As these technologies change faster , it is very difficult for universities to cope up with the pace of the change of technologies. There are two ways to become “ Automation Engineer “ . I have met many automation engineers in my career . These engineers worked for years on automated machines & so could acquire knowledge of all automation components irrespective of their original engg. branch . However this is a longer way .
Another way is that now one can learn all these technologies at private training institutes. These institiutes are normally operated by industries who work in automation field . There are few such institutes in India .
However , fresh engineering graduates think that as Automation Engineering is all about learning of technologies from 4 different engineering branches , the training duration will be in years. It is not.
Such training can be imparted in months ( typically 300 hrs ). This is possible as the training is al about imparting application knowledge of the products used in control systems.

Application knowledge consists of :

01. Working principle

02. Selection criteria

03. Configuration ( making the product suitable for an application through interfacing & programming )

04. Troubleshooting on system level

Such application knowledge of majorly used automation components can be imparted fast as compared to the basic engineering knowledge .
Please note that the selection of the proper institute plays a major role in effective knowledge transfer , as the competency level of each institute defers .
Please read my next article “How to select a good training institute for Automation Engg. traning ?” to secure yourself....

By Nilesh Salgaonkar, Founder Director , TAACT