Energy Audit

Energy Audit Services

Energy Audit Services are provided by Teknocrat’s group’s training arm, Teknocrat’s Academy of Automation & Control Technology (popularly known as TAACT). With a collective industrial experience of more than 60 years, TAACT’s energy audit team comprises of 3 BEE certified energy auditors.

What you can expect from our Energy Audit services:

  • Identification of highest achievable potential of energy and costs savings
  • Locating often visible as well as hidden technical deficiencies of buildings and production technology equipment
  • Recommendation of technical parameters of measures
  • Calculation of investment needs of measures, their economical, technical, environmental impact
  • Proposing procedure for realisation of measures
  • Offering a technical, economical management tool for investment decision processes going out of economical modeling
  • Creation of a process of effective control of energy consumption and also operational costs

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