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Congratulations on being an engineer !!! What next ?

Congratulations on being an engineer

Heartiest congratulations on being an engineer ....

Has it changed your life ?

I feel the only change is that earlier the botheration of getting good marks is replaced by choosing a right career path . But , believe me , this botheration is much more worthwhile than % of marks. Choosing the right career path has the power of changing your life from all perspectives . This decision is going to decide the happiness index during the whole of your life span. So, it is utmost important to spare sufficient time to explore all options & take the most appropriate decision.

As a fresh graduate engineer, what broad choices do you have ???

  • Further study of engg. in US ( M.S)
  • Further study of engg. in India ( M.E., M. Tech)
  • Further study of management ( M.B.A.)
  • Govt. Employment through UPSC, IES exams
  • Start the career by opting for a suitable job

I will always advise to pursue further studies in Engg. only if someone :

  • has a deep interest in the subject
  • has a passion to teach & wants to pursue a career in Teaching .
  • feels that there is no better place on the earth than United States of America, to lead a good life

However , I will not advice further technical education , if somebody wants to opt for a career in industry or wants to start his/her own business. I strongly believe that working for 2 years in an industry on a right job profile is far more an enriching experience than doing a postgraduate in Engg. Normally , industries do not give more weight age to technical post graduation while recruiting & also during promotions .

Management studies should be pursued only if you are sure that Engg. is not the field which you wanted as a career & you want to get rid of the technical businesses . It should not be opted as a tool to get a job. Believe me , all engineers become higher level managers in due course of time by acquiring management knowledge either by experience or training , as & when needed. Foundation of their management career is the sound technical knowledge , acquired by experience & not the degree in management .

Govt. Employment is suitable for the ones who are looking for highest level of job security , of course , at the cost of some freedom because of cultural issues .

Considering all this, if you decide to start your career by opting for a job, then please read my next article on What does industry expect from fresh engineers ?

By Nilesh Salgaonkar , Founder Director , TAACT