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How to crack interviews?

How to crack interviews

Seeing is believing . So, personal interview is an inevitable part of the recruitment process. The candidate is shortlisted on the basis of the resume . The main objective of the interview is to assess whether the candidate possesses the skills & qualities as claimed in the resume .Another objective is to check whether the values of the candidate matches with that of the company. So, knowing this how can one impress the interviewer?

Most Important .......

    As discussed in my last article , you need to be honest enough while writing the resume . No employer would like to have dishonest employees. So, even a small claim in the resume , which you may not prove during interview , is sufficient to get thrown out of the race.

Appearance ....

Always ensure wearing a formal dress for interviews. For male candidates, wearing shoes , clean / neat shaved, proper hair cut is a prerequisite . Confident body language ( hand shaking , smiling , sitting posture ) is essential for a positive first impression.

Communication ......

Fluency in Engilsh , is something which is given higher weight age while selecting engineers. However , it is not the main criteria, unless it is for sales & Marketing profile . More importance is given to technical skills & attitude . So, an engineer who can express the thoughts in regional language has higher chances of selection than an engineer having command on English language but lacking in technical knowledge .So, if you feel that by answering in theEnglish language , your impression will not be effective , convey your language problem at the beginning of the interview ,with confidence. There are so many job profiles in the industry , which do not need command on spoken English.

Educational Qualifications

List out educational qualifications with academic records & institutes / university details . Honesty is the key. Do not hide the lost years , less marks etc. It is not true that the academic record is the only criteria , a recruiter looks for. Be prepared to offer honest justification for the less marks , lost year etc....

Acquired Skills

The recruiter knows very well that a qualified person need not have the skills / qualities , he/she is looking for. So, to differentiate from other candidates, you need to mention the specific skills possessed by you. E.g. ability to design a control system for furnaces . Ability to design an electrical power control centre etc. Similarly , if you are aware about your strengths or qualities which may differentiate from others, ( such as very good communication skills, Convincing ability, problem solving ), then mentioning the same will add to the weight age . Please be prepared to prove these skills & qualities during interviews as most of the interviewers will try to confirm these skills during interview .

Your interest in the particular job...

How can you convey to the interviewer that the job is very important for you??

01. You should have detailed information about the job profile & the company , before appearing for the interview. If you can’t give a detailed reply to the question . “ What do you know about our company “? Then the interviewer may think that you are not very serious about this job. Information about the company can be collected through the website of the company.

02. You should be able to prove that the objective of the career is in line with the job profile offered .

03. If your are shabbily dressed or if you are wearing shoes which are not polished or if you are wearing a t shirt / sports shoes or you are not clean shaved , then it looks like that you are not very serious about getting selected .

Creating Trust ....

The main objective of the interviewer is to confirm whether the candidate is trustworthy from different perspectives e.g.

  • 01. Job skills ( technical & attitude
  • 02. Long term association
  • 03. Credibility & Honesty

So, to crack interviews, it is almost important to prove yourself on all above mentioned perspectives . e.g

01. Job Skills : As you are aware of the job profile , you should be able to list out the technical / soft skills required for the job. You may highlight these relevant skills in your resume , Highlighting improves possibility that the interviewer will ask more about the highlighted skills. You need to ensure that you are really good at the highlighted skills. Be prepared to explain your final year project in the best way. Same applies to the soft skills like leadership, teamwork. Etc. You should be able to explain with examples of real life, how good you are at the soft skills.

02. Long term association : You should not utter a single word, which will create doubt about your long term association . e.g .

a. My career objective is to start my own business

b. I want to join my Dad’s business after 3 years

c. I want to pursue management studies next year

d. I’m preparing for the UPSC exams

e. My career objective is to work at a multinational company.

03. Credibility Honesty: The first & utmost important point is that you should be able to prove & justify all the data mentioned in the resume . If the interviewer asks you about your failures in life or your weaknesses. Do not be afraid of sharing the same. This is an opportunity to display your honesty.

I’m sure , you will be able to increase your prospects of cracking interviews by following the above suggestions . Please read my next article “ How to choose your career? “ , which is the most important decision of your life ....

By Nilesh Salgaonkar, Founder Director , TAACT